Friday, 25 August 2017 12:41

My Day On The Road

Well, I spent about 2 hours trying to get to a potential client meeting to no avail.

After about a dozen text messages the result was that we could not connect.

Better luck next time I suppose.

Thanks for listening.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016 10:44

Home Page One

PAL Caregivers is a unique website designed for both Family and Professional Caregivers

Unlike other websites that focus on one type of caregiving, we believe that a site devoted to both Professional and Family caregivers allows each a chance to see what is important to the other. This leads to better understanding and overall better care for the ones we are charged with helping. 

Having been on both sides of the fence so to speak, gives our team a unique look at the problems and challenges facing both family and professional caregivers.

It is our desire to provide helpful information, support and understanding to our members. We will be pulling together in one place information which we believe you will find useful. And welcome your input as we move along.

Here are some of the things to look forward to:

  • Information and resources for both Professional and Family caregivers.

  • News relating to caregiving and elder issues.

  • Forums for caregivers to share ideas and concerns about assisting family and clients.

  • Regular updates to our blogger pages.

Please join us as we travel this journey together, laughing, crying and sharing along the way. We welcome you as a member of our caregiving family!  -k2


Family Caregivers Section
 Information all family caregivers can use

Professional Caregiver Help and Information
Professional caregiver resources and help

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 Senior living alternatives that are affordable

 Links to Caregiver Forums
Links to popular caregiving forums


You can still visit Ruth Anne's current blog here:
Ruth Annes PAL blog.

Thank you for visiting today,
Be sure to stop by often to see our daily updates and additions !

Saturday, 19 November 2016 15:27

PAL Caregivers Home Page

PAL Caregivers


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Embarking on a new career is very exciting. Becoming a PAL (Personal Assistant for Living) or caregiver is a wonderful career path to chose. Not only will you be in great demand, you will also reap the rich rewards that come from truly helping others in a very personal and up front way. If you use the tools we present and develop a strong base you will find yourself looking forward to work each day as new and very real experiences await you. Interacting with people brings great joy, laughter, and the human experience up close and personal.