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PAL Caregivers is a unique website designed for both Family and Professional Caregivers

Unlike other websites that focus on one type of caregiving, we believe that a site devoted to both Professional and Family caregivers allows each a chance to see what is important to the other. This leads to better understanding and overall better care for the ones we are charged with helping. 

Having been on both sides of the fence so to speak, gives our team a unique look at the problems and challenges facing both family and professional caregivers.

It is our desire to provide helpful information, support and understanding to our members. We will be pulling together in one place information which we believe you will find useful. And welcome your input as we move along.

Here are some of the things to look forward to:

  • Information and resources for both Professional and Family caregivers.

  • News relating to caregiving and elder issues.

  • Forums for caregivers to share ideas and concerns about assisting family and clients.

  • Regular updates to our blogger pages.

Please join us as we travel this journey together, laughing, crying and sharing along the way. We welcome you as a member of our caregiving family!  -k2


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Is your state providing money to help pay for caregivers, and you don’t know about it?

A Pennsylvania state program that provides services and benefits to primary caregivers assisting the elderly is not being used as widely as it could, according to state Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne.

The program reimburses caregivers for certain out-of-pocket expenses up to a maximum $500 a month and provides one-time grants up to $2,000 for home modifications such as ramps, grab bars and chair lifts. The allowed expenses also include respite care, supplies, support services and transportation.

The Pennsylvania FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT PROGRAM Act (62 P. S. 3061- 3068 ) , states in part:

CAREGIVER PARTICIPATION - Eligibility for Program benefits.

The services and benefits of the Program are available to the primary caregiver of a functionally dependent older adult relative, or other adult relative suffering from a chronic dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease, who lives in the same residence and whose household income does not exceed 380% of the poverty level…, to reimburse caregivers for expenses directly related to the provision of care.

The caregiver program is part of an effort by the department to help seniors remain in their homes rather than resorting to more expensive care in a nursing home. However it seems that state caregivers are not taking advantage of the program as much as is to be expected. The issues being explored as to why are whether caregivers face barriers to enrolling, how need assessments are done and how to partner with the United Way and other organizations to promote the program.

Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging Teresa Osborne
Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, Teresa Osborne


The Pennsylvania aging department’s budget provides $12 million in state lottery funds for the program. An additional $10 million comes to Pennsylvania through a companion program at the federal level.

PAL Caregivers helps you stay informed on programs for caregivers, such as the one in Pennsylvania, as this type of funding benefits seniors and should not go unused.

View and download a PDF of the “The Pennsylvania FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT PROGRAM Act” Here

Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Ageing Here

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Why I Became A Caregiver - Share My Story

Hello All,

I am hoping by this blog to share with all of you the experiences, joys, trials, and triumphs I have had as both a family and professional caregiver.

As far back as my late teens ( won’t say just how FAR back that was ) I have been helping and caring for seniors in one form or another. My spirit has always been drawn to others, I feel a strong desire to help people. That is what makes caregiving so rewarding for me.

I think my first experience with caregiving was when my then to be mother in law was seriously ill. I remember caring for her so my father in law could go to work. I was 18 at the time. I knew so little about caregiving then, but one thing I did know is that the suffering of others hurt me deeply and fed my desire to help make things better for them in whatever way I could. That desire is even stronger today, as I have seen what an impact my efforts can have on others. There is no greater feeling in the world, than knowing you helped another human being in a deep and meaningful way.

Now many years later I still find great joy in helping others cope with aging, failing health or just life in general. We need each other and being needed is an essential part of what it is to be human.

If you are new to caregiving I applaud you for the steps you are taking to join us on this journey. If you have been on the journey for a long time as I have, I applaud you for your dedication and courage to go the extra mile to help others. It isn’t an easy road to travel, but it is a journey worth making in my opinion.

Please come back often and share this journey with me. I welcome all!

Until Next Time


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About PAL Caregivers

Why "PAL Caregivers?"

PAL stands for Personal Assistant for Living.

PAL is your one-stop web site that brings together and analyzes information and news about the Caregiving Community. Both Family and Professional caregivers will benefit from the wealth of information available here. Our goal here at PAL Caregivers is to help caregivers navigate the ever changing, challenging journey we are all on. Together we can inform, support and grow as a community.

Along with information and news we will aim to shine the spotlight on two major topics we feel very strongly about.

First is the topic of how a person can develop a rewarding career as a Professional Independent Caregiver. What it takes to become one and the steps to make yourself successful.

Second is a topic we will explore in depth. Adult Family Care Homes also called Adult Foster Care Homes for the aged or AFCH for short. These homes are hidden gems in the world of assisted living and are a wonderful alternative to nursing homes. We want to give great attention to these homes, what they are, how they are run and why a family should chose one for their loved ones (as our family did). We are developing for this website a “Home Finder” to give people easy access to great information on these gems.

In addition there is Ruth Ann Millers blog page and Forums where caregivers can discuss caregiving and ask questions. The sharing of ideas is a key to success and survival.

The PAL Caregiving website is updated daily and can be used as a reliable source for news, information and support. Please feel free to come here often. And as always we welcome your comments and suggestions as no one knows it all.  k2

PAL Caregivers

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Ruth Anne's Blog Page

Visit the blog page of Ruth Anne for lots of information about her Family and Professional caregiving experiences.

Timely updates with real life stories and useful practicle advice.

Check her blog today!

Check it often!

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