There are many great forums out there for caregivers - both family and professional. People share all sorts of things on the forums, some happy things some sad, and many, many frustrating things. If you are a family caregiver and have been doing caregiving for any length of time I am sure there are things that frustrate you and things you just wish people would not say. Here are a few things people may say to you that could be said better, or maybe not said at all:

With so many people falling victim to dementia and other illnesses that rob them of their thinking ability these forms are becoming ever more essential.

As the population ages, more attention is being given to senior issues. This is a good thing. And some of the topics that are much discussed in relation to aging include: Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have all the proper paperwork filled out? Are as my mom would say, “all your ducks in a row”?

Just what paperwork are they all taking about? Let take some time to explore the important, in fact, the vital forms every adult (not just seniors) should have completed and secured in a safe place in case of emergency. J3.0 content.

VA Benefits in Less Than 3 Months Veterans Administration U.S.A.

Aid and Attendance Benefits from the Veterans Administration, the VA are a valuable resource for many families when loved ones need more care and there are low funds to cover the cost.

These benefits are available to veterans’ and their spouses even if the veteran is now deceased and the spouse did not remarry.

When applying or VA benefits there are a few things that may help you speed up the process. I thought I would share the way I went about applying for the benefits in hope that it would help anyone beginning the process.


First off what are the benefits for?

The presidential hopeful's plan would affect millions of family caregivers.

Clintons Caregiver Tax Break

This week Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed a new tax break for those caring for elderly or disabled family members.

She will also propose expanding Social Security benefits for caregivers, saying many see their benefits reduced when they must take time off from work to care for ailing relatives.

"As baby boomers age, more and more families will need to provide care for or will need care from loved ones. Many family members, most often spouses and adult daughters, spend time out of the workforce, cut back on hours, or use personal days, vacation, and family time to provide needed care - The Clinton campaign

Under her proposal, family caregivers with a combined household income under $120,000 could claim up to $1,200 in tax credits per year.